Portfolio of Works for The Walt Disney Company

Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness in reviewing this assortment of my work! I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your time spent here.

This page is not displayed publicly and is intended only to be viewed by employees of The Walt Disney Company. Please do not share any of the following materials with individuals outside The Walt Disney Company.


Knott's Berry Farm — Boysenberry Jamboree

In Winter of 2017, I was responsible for producing the backing tracks for a new show at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. My responsibilities included arranging, orchestrating and contracting the entire 25-minute show with a very quick turnaround and a tight budget. Nearly 60 musicians were involved. In addition to my other duties, I played all keyboards, most flute and harmonica, and sang most male solo lines. 

View a sample of the vocal scores
View a sample of the string scores
(Since only certain parts were recorded live, there are no full scores.)

Note: all solo vocal tracks are just placeholders for the live performers, who performed the solos in the actual show.


Piano Collections — Chrono Trigger

In Fall of 2016, I produced, arranged and performed a solo piano album of music from the 1995 video game Chrono Trigger. The album is available on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify, and will be re-released in Summer of 2017 as a vinyl edition by the company iam8bit.

Three highlights from the album are included below. Listen to the entire album


Choral Ensemble — How Do I Love Thee

Throughout my career, I've written numerous original works and arrangements for choral ensembles. Two have been published: an arrangement of Danny Boy and an original setting of the poem How Do I Love Thee, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

As part of my initial preparations for the first conductor, Dr. Shawna Stewart, I recorded a demo of the piece with myself as the only vocalist, as well as sampled piano and strings. This demo recording is included below. Listen to the live performance (a strong performance, but poor audio quality)

View the entire score
This is the official published edition from Gentry Publications and is not to be shared with anyone outside of The Walt Disney Corporation without express permission.

Budapest Scoring Orchestra — Uprising

An original work I composed and orchestrated in 2016. Andrew Gerlicher assisted with production and sequencing of percussion/choir samples. All tracks are live except for percussion and choir. View the full score

The Walt Disney Company — LeFouston

In Spring of 2017 I wrote the underscoring and performed both voice-overs for a short Disney production, LeFouston, directed and animated by Kevin Ulrich.

Various Works for Film and Games

I've written dozens of film scores and several tracks for video games. Listen to some highlights

Various Arrangements

I have extensive experience with writing arrangements for all types of instrumentations, from string quartets to unaccompanied vocal music. Listen to a sampling of my arranging work


I've worked with several producers over the past years doing transcriptions and takedowns, most notably for Tim Davis, producer for Glee, Skyrim, a recent Barbra Streisand tour, and numerous other projects. My transcriptions for him included projects for Arianna Grande, Childish Gambino, Barbra Streisand and the Walt Disney Company. 

One of the more substantial projects was taking down and engraving two live shows for Walt Disney World called The American Music Machine. View one of the full scores

Orchestration/Engraving for Feature Films

I've had the privilege of working with orchestrator JAC Redford on numerous feature films over the past five years, preparing MIDI files for orchestration, engraving full scores for orchestra and assisting with orchestration. Together, we did numerous projects for Thomas Newman and James Horner, including Skyfall, Finding Dory, Bridge of Spies, and a live production of the score of Titanic. Unfortunately, I do not have permission to share any of these scores.