Help Trevor Get His First Baby Grand Piano!

Dear friends,

I will soon be purchasing my first piano ever, a Yamaha G2 Baby Grand. It is a 1966 made at the original Yamaha factory, and while the outside has some scuffs and scratches, the inside is in great condition and it both sounds beautiful and feels wonderful to play. The current owner is asking for $2,250, which is an amazing price for its condition. For comparison, search for Yamaha G2 on eBay and see what people are asking for it. There will also be costs for moving and tuning it, so I'm rounding the total goal to $2,500.

With my own instrument, I'll be able to record freely each day, which will allow me to produce far more content, since I will not be limited by the availability of other instruments and my good engineer/mixer buddy, Caleb (he will still be helping with my projects).

I took some quick recordings for reference using a Zoom digital recorder. Keep in mind that it's not recorded with top notch equipment and that it has not been tuned in quite some time (it's fairly in tune, all considered!):

I have until August 14th to raise the funds for it, after which the owner will open it up to other possible buyers.

As a way of thanking those of you who support me in getting this lovely instrument, I'm offering a couple of fun perks for donating:

-For anyone who donates $25 or more, I will record one song of their choosing once I have the piano set up for recording, from any sheet music they can find online! (Please keep them intermediate level or easier and provide fairly clear sheet music. If the music doesn't fit the criteria I'll contact you and we'll figure something out!)

-For those who donate $50 or more, I will be having a special plaque crocheted by streamer BeetleAtBay with all of your names! It will be mounted perpetually next to the piano in honor of your help. Your name can be printed as whatever you want, either a real name or screen name (as long as it's not vulgar or offensive). Not sure yet how many characters each name can be, but I will confirm that soon. (Only twenty names can fit on the plaque, so it will be first come first serve if we reach more.)

This is a quick video I took to show you the instrument itself. Once again, keep in mind that the outside is a bit scuffed up, but the insides are in very good shape:

As a pleasant side note, my interactions with the current owner have been incredibly pleasant and he has expressed several times that he would be particularly happy if I purchase the piano:

Thank you SO much for even considering helping me with this project! I can't wait to start putting out more content than ever by having my own beautiful instrument to work with. Here's to all the fun future projects that will be made once this happens!

To donate, visit this page: