Trevor Gomes - Music for Film and Games


Epic Orchestral - Uprising

Composed/Orchestrated by Trevor Alan Gomes

Performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra with additional elements added digitally

Fun/Lighthearted Orchestral - 88bitmusic Theme

This is the instrumental-only rendition of the 88bitmusic Theme Song, for my Twitch channel. Vocals/video are still in production.

It's influenced heavily by Disney movies/cartoons and Nintendo games, particularly Mario Galaxy.

88bit Logo Round.png

Intricate Acoustic Music - Aerith's Theme Waltz

This is not an original work, but, rather, an original take on Aerith's Theme from Final Fantasy 7 that incorporates a lot of original material to create a unique and intricate version of it.

This sort of thoughtful acoustic music perhaps best represents what I'm interested in writing for games.

The arrangement is for flute, melodica and piano, all three of which I performed myself.

Various Original Jingles/Theme Songs

I've written a number of original jingles and theme songs for streamers on, most in a silly, goofy vein. A large part of the appeal is that I'm able to produce every aspect of the songs, including lyrics, in a very short period, typically about an hour. These are several examples:

Piano Writing - Pokémon Red/Blue Piano Collections

My native instrument is piano and it shows clearly in my writing for the instrument. The best example is my album of the entire OST of Pokémon Red/Blue, successfully funded through Kickstarter and published by the Materia Collective.

I incorporated a fair amount of original material throughout to create unique interpretations of familiar classics and give them a more natural feel as piano works. Here are two key examples: